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1. Schedule A Meeting

Reach out to us to see how partnering with us could help your school and schedule a photo day

2. Have a Great picture day

We come prepared to have an organized picture day that your staff will love.

3. Get Pictures delivered

Your parents will be thrilled with pictures they receive and you will have pictures you could use to market your school

About Us

Midwest Photo Group is based in Des Moines, Iowa. We pride ourselves in capturing milestones and preserving memories for the families we work with.  We also work very hard to help our partners to market their organizations.  Finally, we are committed to the community that we serve.

We are a small local business. As part of being a good neighbor, we are offering FREE family sessions to members of Armed Forces who are getting ready to be deployed or coming back from their deployment through our Operation Portrait program.   Also, we take pride in volunteering our services to many non-profit organizations in Des Moines and surrounding areas, as well as donating gift certificates to the auctions of local nonprofit organizations that help our community.



Picture day can be a source of joy and a source of aggravation for preschool teachers and staff. It’s time taken out of the classroom. It’s communication with parents. It’s marching dozens of children in an orderly fashion. It’s meeting expectations of parents. It’s delivering prints in a convenient manner. It’s putting your faith in an outsider to understand your needs. It’s an almost startling array of complex elements orchestrated to produce hundreds of smiling moments, not just on picture day but on the countless days after when that portrait is shared again and again. Midwest Photo Group understands the pressure and has policies and procedures in place to ensure picture day is hassle free.

More than a Vendor

Our commitment to our schools doesn't stop after the picture day.   We are your school's marketing partner.    As a local photographer, many businesses rely on us to provide marketing images and video for their small businesses. We extend those skills to the preschools and organizations that we work with.  We work with our preschool partners on creating/maintaining their websites, providing images for social media and video to help them tell a story about their organizations.   We would love to sit down with you to learn about the needs of your preschool and see if we can be your partner.


Organized Picture Day

Our goal is to make picture day easy on your staff.  Our photographers always comes with an assistant who helps get great expression and keeps track of who is being photographed.

Complimentary packages for teachers and staff
We know that without the teachers and staff our picture day won't be successful.  As a token of our appreciation we offer free packages to the kids of the staff and discounts on other products.
View pictures before ordering

We use proof plan with preschools we work with.  We want parents to have an opportunity to view and choose the images they want to order.  We know some photographers require parents to pay and choose the package even before picture day started, while others will print many pictures and try to pressure parents into buying.  Our goal is to give parents options without high-pressure selling.

Secure access to pictures

After picture day, all the parents get a password to access their own secure gallery.  Without a password, others won't be able to access those images.  We take security of the images seriously, so the only way for someone to get the password would be to contact the school.

Marketing resources for your school

We work very hard with our preschool partners to help them market their school and increase enrolment.  Please contact us to find out ways we can help you with your marketing plan.

Fundraising programs

We know some schools look for additional revenue from picture day.  We work with our school partners to create a fundraising program that works.

We’re so excited to hear from you!